Meet Daushae

Daushae Preciado is a social worker (and future licensed social worker) who works with men and women in Los Angeles, CA. She is currently working towards becoming an LCSW she has three years working in the mental health field as a substance abuse therapist, as well as worked with the community to serve clients with anxiety, depression, domestic violence, and other traumatic experience. Her experience in behavioral health transformed into a successful coaching program to help women help themselves. She helps women understand their value, worth, and purpose by guiding them to live their best life. Daushae wrote for a vegan magazine called Veggie y Que and contribute to a book review for “There Voice Matte’s” by Dameon K. Wroe. Daushae earned her undergraduate degree at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles, CA, and her graduate degree at Walden University Online. She is a certified clinical trauma professional to help adults process traumatic events. Once Daushae receives her license her goal is to open a private practice to continue to serve men and women seeking to change their life. She runs a successful Instagram account where she shares helpful tips, Q&A, and info-session on all things mental health